AAA-Protective Realm Training Academy  - A  Realm  Of  Possibilities

Training People for the:
"Minnesota Permit To Carry A Handgun In Public", MN. Statutes, 624.714 See Class "Sign Up Page".
Training Private Detective And Protective Agents for the:
"Private Detective And Protective Agent Services Board of Minnesota,MN. Statutes, 326.32 - 326.339

Protective Realm Training Academy Objectives:
*Training Civilians In The Fundamentals Of Personal Carry.
          This class is going to cover the fundamentals of carrying a concealed
          handgun as a personal responsibility. All handgun presentations will
          come from a concealed holster. This will be a fast paced class, we will
          be covering a lot of drills and be inducing stress during the live fire
          exercise. This is not just a fundamentals class, this is a drill filled
          course, come prepared.

*Training & Education
Protective Realm Training Academy provides a classroom environment by which, students and Protective Realm Training Academy faculty can assimilate and increase their knowledge on Law Enforcement and Protective & Security Technology, Concepts and Methodologies.
*Raise Law Enforcement & Security Awareness
Keep your personnel aware of the variety and dynamic environment of Law Enforcement and Security in today's world.
*Raise Law Enforcement & Security Standards
Help define current standard baselines j establishes accepted uniform Law Enforcement and Security practices.
*Raise Technical Expertisreportdards     
Help set higher technical performance levels through continuing education.
*Recognition of achievements of the participant and instructors     
Provide acknowledgment of peers for completing and advancing their professional goals and accomplishments.
*Conduit for Sharing Leading Edge Technology Information     
Inspire participants who are professionals in their area of expertise and encourage sharing by instruction or conversation with others on a daily basis or in a classroom environment.
Extensive Training At Protective Realm Training Academy:
All personnel have to complete a rigorous training program and pass a comprehensive examination. The training process exceeds the state licensing requirements. Certified instructors interact with each student candidate through lectures, role-playing and scenario training. The curriculum covers a broad range and topics such as: Law Enforcement, protection and operations, officer's authority, legal guidelines, proper use of force, public safety, public relations, communications,